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Storycraft Studio, Rüschlikon
12th - 16th February
19th - 23rd February

5-10 Year Olds

magical lands .jpg

This Sportsferien we`ll visit magical lands from fairytales and other classic stories. We`ll step through the wardrobe to visit the winter forests of Narnia, climb the towers of Fairytale castles, fall through the rabbit hole with Alice and squeeze ourselves into a Hobbit House. We`ll read some super picture book stories such as `The Snow Queen` from the story by Hans Christian Andersen and `The Worst Princess` by Anna Kemp and introduce children to the classic worlds of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and The Hobbit through extracts from the stories (extracts chosen will all be suitable for young children). These fascinating stories lead us into some magical projects including papier mache lion masks, Hobbit Houses, a clay Fairytale Castle, Crystal Ball, jewelled magic wands and Alice in Wonderland biscuits. We`ll also have plenty of fun playing at the park (weather permitting) and playing games and dancing in the studio.

The children will be able to use a variety of art materials, different paints, clay, stamps, stencils, recycled crafting materials and plenty of fun decorations including embellishments and sparkle! There will also be some time for the children to enjoy the freedom to make their own art using the many materials on offer in the Storycraft Studio through activities such as structured materials challenges and free-making time. We will visit the beautiful park by the lake opposite us each day (weather permitting!) to get some fresh air and play some fun games.

9am - 4pm

All art materials, snacks and drinks will be provided

Children are asked to bring a packed lunch.

For children aged around 5 years - 10 years

Projects run over at least 2 days to allow for drying time. Therefore booking is available as follows: 

12th - 16th February (5 days) 

12th - 14th February (3 days)

15th - 16th February (2 days)

19th - 23rd February (5 days) 

19th - 21st February (3 days)

22nd - 23rd February (2 days)


2 days: 250chf

3 days: 350chf

5 days: 550chf 

Price includes all art materials and snacks. Please note both weeks have the same Storycraft programme. The camps will be led by Mady and Kortney

Gallery - a few pictures from our previous Camps

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