'Storycraft was born from a passion for colour, children's writing, picture books and excitement at the interesting and beautiful things children create when something captures their imagination and they are given interesting materials to work with.'

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My husband, daughter, and I moved to Switzerland in 2016 from the U.S.A. I have a BA in Art and a Masters in Teaching. Before moving to Switzerland in 2016, I taught art at public elementary schools for six years.


I love working with children and watching their excitement grow as they create unique pieces of art. I particularly enjoy helping children to learn different techniques and artistic skills through making different kinds of 2D and 3D projects including painting, collage and sculpture.


I have been working at Storycraft now for a couple of years alongside my work as an art teacher in a school. I have enjoyed teaching term classes as well as a variety of one-off weekend sessions. I have done many parties at the studio and it is always such fun celebrating a birthday in such a creative setting. I love seeing how proud the kids are when they take home the project that they have enjoyed making during the party. 


In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, baking, and traveling with my family.



I am originally from Turkey. 12 years ago, I left Izmir (my home town) after gaining my Bachelors in Sociology to do my pre-master in Italy. I studied Visual Communication and Design in Milan. My husband and I got married and moved to Switzerland 10 years ago. After living in Lausanne for about two years, we now live in lovely Zürich.

I have experience working with children of different ages and have worked at an international school as art and ballet teacher, as well as with afterschool clubs. I have planned and designed many events such as birthdays and weddings. After the initial craziness of becoming a mother, I have restarted to engage with my passion of painting and making sculptures; as long as my two sons allow me to have time for myself :) I love creating surreal illustrations, paintings and clay sculptures. I love working with kids as they always amaze me with their spontaneous creativity, natural instincts and talents.

Whenever there is still some time left, we love spending time outside, travelling to new spots and doing whatever activities our two highly energetic boys lead us into!


I am currently teaching the Friday drop-off classes for children and doing weekend Storycraft classes and parties. I speak English, Turkish and German (B2 level).



I'm originally from England, but have been living in Switzerland for 6 years. I'm an Artist and Illustrator and you can find out more about my own artwork and my collaborative art on my artist website. As well as being an Artist I have a background in Drama and Theatre Arts and Children's Literature, so my interests include children’s writing, theatre props and puppets, drama, creative play and specifically pictures books for young children. I also love singing and have studied classical singing. After helping organise craft projects at a local playgroup and doing art with my own young children I was inspired to set up Storycraft about 7 years ago. 


I teach many of the regular Storycraft classes and also occasional weekend parties. I speak English and basic German (B1 level). I enjoy making a wide variety of projects, my particular favourites are 3D mixed media creations which never turn out exactly as you expect, but often look interesting in ways you never imagined! I love fuelling children's imaginations and seeing what amazing things come out at the other end. I love the way that children can feel inspired to make anything from anything. I never knew you could make a baseball game from shells, a snake from feathers or a cat from ribbon until the children showed me how. 

I am also mum to two lovely little monsters and in our spare time we enjoy exploring this beautiful country, hiking, camping and of course drawing the things we see and feel! 

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I grew up in the midwest of the USA and recently moved to Zürich in 2017. Coming from a wide range of experience in childcare and teaching, I hold a degree in Fine arts. I am inspired by children novels, books, nature, adventure and imagination and love to incorporate these themes into teaching as well into my own art. I have enjoyed working as a part-time teacher at Storycraft over the last couple of years, teaching a variety of classes and parties. 


While I am not working I love to spend time with my husband and family doing activities such as traveling, hiking, cycling, reading and dreaming about my future dog in Switzerland!