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'Storycraft was born from a passion for colour, children's writing, picture books and excitement at the interesting and beautiful things children create when something captures their imagination and they are given interesting materials to work with.' Mady




I'm originally from England, but have been living in Switzerland for over 10 years. I'm an Artist and Illustrator. My illustration work was shortlisted last year for the World Illustration Awards and I was also the winner of the Northern Illustration Prize (Emerging Artists) in 2023. You can find out more about my own artwork and my collaborative art on my artist website and instagram page. As well as being an Illustrator I have a background in Drama and Theatre Arts and Children's Literature, so my interests include children’s writing, theatre props and puppets, drama, creative play and specifically pictures books for young children. I also love singing and have studied classical singing. After helping organise craft projects at a local playgroup and doing art with my own young children I was inspired to set up Storycraft classes and a few months later I starting renting the Storycraft Studio in 2015. 


I teach many classes, camps and also run some of our parties. I enjoy making a wide variety of projects, my particular favourites are 3D mixed media creations which never turn out exactly as you expect, but often look interesting in ways you never imagined! I love fuelling children's imaginations and seeing what amazing things come out at the other end. I love the way that children can feel inspired to make anything from anything. I never knew you could make a baseball game from shells, a snake from feathers or a cat from ribbon until the children showed me how. 

I am also mum to two big kids and in our spare time we enjoy exploring this beautiful country, hiking, camping and of course drawing the things we see and feel! 

Languages: English, German (B2 level)



Bianca is an Artist, Art Teacher and Enterpreneur. She runs Kids Atelier which takes place at the Storycraft Studio and is experienced leading children of all ages in a wide variety of art, craft and sensory activities. She has a particular passion for sculptural work, and you can see examples of her beautiful botany inspired plaster work on her artist website. Read more about Bianca and find out more about her artwork and classes at: and on her instagram page. As well as running her own busy schedule of classes Bianca helps out as a Storycraft teacher with parties and classes. 

Languages: English, Fluent German

Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

To Come

Chelsea Photo.JPG


I am a mixed media artist, wife and mother to a young daughter who is now my biggest inspiration. Together we explore the world around us, collecting items to incorporate into our crafts, whether painting, sculpting, drawing or with print. This is my approach to my own art and collaborating with my two year old has been the biggest joy. 


I grew up in the midwest of the USA. After completing college I moved to Los Angeles and settled in Santa Monica, working in many creative spaces and studios. I moved to Zurich with my husband in 2018 and built our family in his hometown. 


I have experience with children in a wide range of ages, from after school daycare activities to substitute teaching in a US high school. I am excited to be teaching at Storycraft, sharing my passion for art and encouraging your child's imagination to think big and find their voice through creative expression. 


In our family`s free time we enjoy visiting the kunsthaus, swimming, hiking with our dog and exploring Europe in our camper van. 


Language: English 

hannah profile pic.JPG


I grew up in the Midwest USA, after University I spent 6 years in Lake Tahoe, CA before moving to Zurich in 2021. I am an artist mainly working with pencil and acrylic. While in the Lake Tahoe region I painted a mural in downtown Reno.


I also love the outdoors and spend all of my free time split between paintbrushes and mountain trails (running, hiking, biking, skiing).

Languages: English


Ingrid is a Creative and Professional Party Entertainer. She runs a Party Entertainment Serive called G.O.A.T which stands for 'Greatest of all Time' and aims to make every child's birthday party special. You can find out more on her and instagram page. As well as running her own parties through Goat.zh Ingrid works as a Storycraft teacher running classes and parties. 

Languages: English

Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

To Come

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Kaye studied fine arts and is an experienced artist - highlights include drawing for Disney and creating her own picture book `Pocket Money`. Over the last ten years Kaye has taught a variety of art classes, camps and parties in the Studio. Kaye also teaches `The Artist`s Way` to help adults bring more creativity into their lives and overcome creative blocks. She also offers individual one-on-one mentoring to help people achieve their creative goals. She teaches art with a belief in self-expression and a sense of fun and freedom which children love. You can visit her instagram page and website to find out more. 

Languages: English, German (B2 Level)



I grew up in the midwest of the USA and recently moved to Zürich in 2017. Coming from a wide range of experience in childcare and teaching, I hold a degree in Fine arts. I am inspired by children novels, books, nature, adventure and imagination and love to incorporate these themes into teaching as well into my own art. I have enjoyed working as a part-time teacher at Storycraft over the last few years, teaching a variety of classes, camps and parties. I am also an Artist and Surface Pattern Designer. I am particularly attracted to floral designs and you can see what I've been working on recently on my instagram page. 


While I am not working I love to spend time with my husband and family doing activities such as traveling, hiking, cycling, reading and dreaming about my future dog in Switzerland!

Languages: English



Michaela is a graphic designer, animator, and illustrator living in Zürich since 2011, though originally from Prague. She has experience in graphic, motion design studios, and freelance work for various clients. She has also a lot of experience working creatively with children and has done many sessions at the Storycraft Studio including children's art and craft workshops, children's drawing workshops, events/parties and Trick Film Animation. As well as offering her own creative classes, Michaela works for both Atelier Gasparro and Storycraft as a teacher for classes and parties. Find out more about Michaela on her instagram page. 

Languages: English, Proficient German, Czech

Nicole Photo.JPG


My name is Nicole and I grew up in Thalwil and live now in Kilchberg with my husband and my two children aged nine and eleven. I completed the design preparatory course at the School of Art and Design in Zurich in April 2022. After secondary school, I completed a commercial apprenticeship and from 2007 to 2009 I did the Gestalterische BMS in Altstetten.


Even as a child I loved to paint and draw. I'm a visual person and my heart beats for art and culture; in a nutshell; for all the beautiful things in life. I often let myself be inspired by nature, which is why I spend a lot of time outdoors, in the mountains, by the water or in a botanical garden. Nicole is a teacher for Storycraft classes and parties. 

Languages: English, Fluent German

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