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Storycraft Parties

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Let's get arty everybody party!


Storycraft parties can be arranged for children and adults of any age. The party information below applies to children aged 1.5 - 10 years old. These parties include a story, craft activity and time for food, cake, dancing and/or games. Please contact me to discuss parties for older children or adults. The Storycraft Studio is also available for private hire.



Parties are held at the spacious Storycraft Studio in Ruschlikon. The address is: Bahnhofstrasse 3, Ruschlikon, 8803 Directions


The normal format is approximately as follows:

Arrival/Drawing - 10 minutes

Story - 20 minutes

Art and Craft - 45 minutes

Food - 20 minutes

Dancing and/or games - 25 minutes

You can chose an art or craft activity from our gallery below. These are all fun arts and craft activities for a party.  


Party Fee (2 hour party)

Up to 10 children: 400chf

Up to 12 children: 450chf

Up to 15 children: 500chf

NB. The number of children includes the birthday child.  Every child who is attending the party over 2 years and doing the project counts as a child at the party. 15 children is the maximum unless you book an extra Storycraft teacher with us in advance of the party. Extra time for a longer party must be booked in advance. Teacher charge per extra 30mins: 35chf


Parental Assistance

Please just note that if the children are under 4.5 years a parent/carer should stay with the child to support the teacher to do the craft with the children. If the children are over 4.5 years but under 7 then we will likely need some active help from at least one parent helper for the party, particularly if you have a larger party.For parties with more than 10 children parents are expected to actively help out at the party.

Party Bags (Optional)

At the end of the party children will receive a sweet e.g. lollipop. If you wish you can also order Party Bags from us at an additional charge on top of the Party Fee. Party Bag Option 1: 4chf per child (minimum 50chf), Party Bag Option 2: 7chf per child (minimum 50chf) See Party Bag Options here.


Parties are held at the weekends from 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00, 14.30-16.30 or 15.00-17.00. Please view the Storycraft Studio Calendar first to check if the date you want is free and then contact us to arrange the date. 


We can provide you with a beautiful cake through our lovely cake lady Aline who makes delicious cakes and provides us with a 10% discount on her usual prices. Once the date is set you can contact her to discuss an individual themed cake. She will deliver your cake directly to the studio. Alternatively parents are welcome to bring their own cakes and /or food. There is no need to bring anything else unless you want to. You can bring your own plates/cups and decorations if you want to. If not we will set up the table in a similar style to the picture on the left/below. It will be covered in paper so the children can draw on the table. 



No deposit is required, if the party is cancelled within two weeks of the date we would ask for a 25% cancellation towards my material costs/childcare. Once the craft is finalised we will send you a full info sheet with details about the room and format including payment details. 




The address is: Storycraft Studio, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Ruschlikon, 8803 


It can be slightly hard to find so please include the link for the directions IF USING GOOGLE MAPS PLEASE USE 'STORYCRAFT STUDIO', using the address only can send people to the wrong place. Please advise children to wear old clothes suitable for art as some art materials can stain. (If you are doing the giant messy art activity then a change of clothes is essential.)


Yes! The studio is available to hire for 90chf for a morning or afternoon to hold your party. You can use the kitchen and all the studio furniture, music player etc. You can bring your own art/craft activity or a Storycraft craft activity from the gallery can be prepared for you, including the prepped pieces and all the materials needed to complete the craft. An appropriate storybook to go with the craft will also be provided. Please note that parents are responsible for table set-up and tidy-up for a DIY craft party unless this is requested in advance (see prices below). Please do not use the word Storycraft on your invitations, unless you refer to a 'DIY Storycraft party' as a Storycraft teacher will not be present. 



2 hour DIY Party for 10 children: 190chf (4 hours room hire 90chf + a prepared craft for 10 children 100chf + book provided)

2 hour DIY Party for 15 children: 240chf (4 hours room hire 90chf + a prepared craft for 15 children 150chf + book provided)

For a DIY party you are responsible for setting up the food table yourself. Party plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, white paper to cover the table and balloons are available for your use at the studio. If you use these we appreciate a few francs donation towards the cost of these in our shop honesty box as below.

Other Options:

  • Rent only: 90chf for 4 hours

  • Paper, Paints & Selection of Decorations (e.g. sequins etc): 5chf per child (minimum of 50chf)

  • Fully Prepared craft project from the gallery: 10chf per child

  • Party Bags: 2 options available, either 4chf a child or 7chf a child See Party Bags

  • Food table set-up including use of colourful plates/cups/napkins etc: 30chf (NB. not always possible – depends on room bookings) 

  • Use of party plates/cups/napkins/white paper to cover table/cutlery etc – donation in the Shop Honesty Box is appreciated (If you are using our cups and plates etc we suggest 1chf per child, i.e. 10chf for 10 children)

or contact us for Christmas/Halloween options
These are the projects you can choose from for your party.
Please note that materials occasionally have to be substituted for similar materials depending on availability, so your project will be very similar to the picture but may not always be exactly as pictured. 
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