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'For those of you who have expressed an interest but haven't yet signed up, I feel compelled to send this note. Storycraft is honestly the highlight of my daughter's week. Almost every morning after breakfast she turns to me and says "upstairs mummy, shower. Then we go storycraft". She LOVES it. And I love it to, because whilst I love the idea of crafts - I'm in no way creative and I shudder at the thought of the frightful mess involved. Of course there is still mess at the end of a storycraft, but I can run off and leave it behind, cackling all the way (sorry Mady).'

'Thank you for delivering such wonderful Storycraft classes. My daughter loves coming to 'Art Class' every Thursday and is always excited to show her Daddy her new creations when he gets home at night. I have loved watching her develop throughout our time at Storycraft and really appreciate the new sensory experiences you have exposed her to (ones that I most certainly would not have replicated at home!)

'Loved the Storycraft class, it was really good fun.'

'My son loved his Storycraft session... Highly recommend to anyone considering or needing an activity to get through winter'

'Absolutely LOVE Storycraft! It is such an amazing concept. I did think my son would enjoy it but I didn't realise how much I would too! I'm like a child and can't wait for Friday.'


'Brilliant today, thanks so much. He absolutely loooved it, and at the end he said he wanted to stay at your house and sing more songs. Happiness! Thanks so much, it was perfect.'

'We're loving it, it's so much more than an art class!'

Thank you for this morning... when we got home my son went straight for our craft box he was dragging everything out. Looking forward to finishing the cats next week. Thank you again' 


'As you know we won't be here after xmas (we think) so sadly won't be able to do the classes. We've loved them and I think you're doing an amazing job ... I think it's amazing value.'

'My son is really enjoying his storycraft sessions. As he has got older, he has really got into crafts.'

'I think the events you hold are lovely and inspiring for the children so look forward to attending in the new year.'

'Fabulous storycraft lessons. I loved the story today with the props and the puppet show!'


'Hey just wanted to say thank you again for this morning.... absolutely delighted!'

'I have taken my young boy to story craft for the past few weeks now and we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! This is a great way to spend some quality father/son time and also give the wife some 'down time' thus also accruing valuable brownie points at home. The various creative tasks really get the children thinking (and the adults!) and the singing/story telling is a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this class to any other dad'. 

I can highly recommend storycraft. Absolutely fantastic. My little man loves it.


'I really wanted to echo the positive sentiment expressed! My daughter is still singing the bear comes over the mountain since the very first session! Thank you Mady!'

'Just wanted to post to say how amazing Storycraft was this morning ... my son aged 3 LOVED getting messy and there were younger children there getting just as much out of it. Best paid activity we have done, highly recommend.'


'Absolutely LOVE Storycraft! It is such an amazing concept. I did think my son would enjoy it but I didn't realise how much I would too! I'm like a child and can't wait for Friday.'

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