Storycraft drop-off classes are for children aged around 4.5 to 10 years old. We start every class with a story from a fun picture book. Some of our favourite authors at Storycraft are Julia Donaldson, Helen Stephens, Benji Davies and Roald Dahl but we also like discovering new picture and chapter books so usually they'll be a mixture of stories you know and probably a few stories you don't.

The art and craft project each week will normally relate to the theme of the story. Every term we will have a good variety of projects, including 2D and 3 D projects, structured crafts and more freestyle experiments. Many art and craft projects are one week long, sometimes a project will span a few weeks. Every term we use a variety of artistic materials and introduce children to different techniques, for example watercolor, acrylic and gouache paints, clay cutters and modelling, mixed-media collage and sculpture, stamping and stencils, pastels and charcoal. At Storycraft we particularly like getting messy and we like mixed-media crafts which allow us to bring lots of colour, texture and fun, sensory experiences into the art room.

In the drop-off classes children have freedom to adapt the projects to their own interests so projects should be viewed as starting points and your child may end up bringing home something a little different! There is also time in the drop-off classes for some freestyle art and crafting which allows the children to experiment and explore all the many different materials in the art studio. 

Sometimes a project will span two weeks so it is helpful if children can attend as many classes as possible during the term. 



Friday 14.30 -16.00 (4 - 8 years*) - Mady 

Friday 16.10 - 17.40 (6 -10 years*) - Mady 

*plus younger/older siblings. Children who can not attend the 'correct' class due to school times etc can join the other class. Please contact me to discuss this. 


After the Christmas holidays in January we will start our term leading up to the Easter holidays. We will be reading some great stories including 'The Lost Penguin' by Claire Freedman, 'Knock knock Pirate' by Caryl Hart and 'Penguinaut' by Marcie Colleen. During this short but action packed term we will make a fun penguin canvas complete with snow, and a toy pirate ship that your children will be able to take home to sail on the seven seas. We will also have a very fun, but rather messy art session, we'll be creating a giant space themed picture using rollers, stamps and of course our hands and feet too! We hope your children can join us for some Storycraft fun! 

Winter Term 2 - Jan - Feb

Where: Storycraft Studio, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Ruschlikon, 8803

Starts: 14th January

Ends: 11th February

Includes: All art materials and a snack (average 10-15chf per class) 

Cost: 185chf (5 weeks)

Notes: Classes are 90 minutes. All classes require a minimum of 5 children to run. Depending on numbers there may be one or two teachers, with a maximum of 15 children. In the event of a lockdown classes will be rescheduled or refunded. 


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The 'Little Artists' session is aimed at older children aged around 7-12 years old who would like to find and explore their own creative voice and build their confidence as an artist.


In these sessions we explore a mixture of different art practices including drawing, painting, collage and sculpture. These sessions may sometimes include text, story or an introduction to the work of a particular artist, but the focus is on developing an understanding of art, experimenting with different techniques and improving our drawing and painting skills in a fun and supportive environment. Some projects are highly structured (e.g. guided painting), others are semi-structured and these are designed to introduce children to particular materials and methods of working. Others projects are looser in structure and therefore allow more freedom and individual exploration and interpretation using the vast array of materials available in the Storycraft Studio. Materials that we use regularly include acrylic, gouache, watercolour, inks, neocolors, pencils, charcoal, pastels, clay and collage materials such as patterned papers and fabric.


The term will often incorporate seasonal projects, e.g. Autumn canvas or Halloween cats. Some terms we focus on a particular area of art or technique, e.g. blending colours or pattern. Often a project will span several weeks so it is helpful if children can attend as many classes as possible during the term. However don't worry if your child misses one class of a two part project, as either the materials will be prepared for them to complete the project, or when necessary an alternative is provided. 


Winter Term 2- Jan-Feb

Thursday 17.00 - 18:30 (7-12 years) 

Starts: 13th January
Ends: 10th February

Where: Storycraft Studio, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Ruschlikon, 8803

Includes: All art materials (average 15chf per class) 

Cost: 150chf (5 weeks)

Notes: Classes are 90 minutes. All classes require a minimum of 5 children to run.  In the event of a lockdown classes will be rescheduled for the same days and time afterwards or refunded.