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Private Sessions & Drawing Groups

Please see our Drop-Off Classes for information on Storycraft and the 'Little Artists' group, this is aimed at 7-12 year olds who wish to explore and develop their own creative voice, with drawing technique underpinning these classes. 


If the class times don't suit you then why not consider arranging a one-off private session or regular art tuition. These are available for children and adults, in small groups or one-to-one. Private sessions normally take place at the Storycraft Studio in Ruschlikon which gives you access to a huge range of art materials and a fantastic creative space all of your own with complete freedom to explore! 


Typically one of us would meet with you and your child to discuss your interests and a project(s) or a programme of study can be designed to fit with your requirements. A one-off Storycraft session can also be arranged to make a particular project, e.g. if your child loves dragons we could make a dragon puppet. Regular sessions and art tuition would typically include such elements as improving drawing technique, gaining confidence in self-expression and experimentation with different media such as pencil, ink, pastels, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, etc. Depending on you or your child's interests this could also include mixed media, sculpture, pottery, jewellery making, card making, badge making, mosaics, fimo, natural sculpture etc.


Contact me to ask about art tuition.



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