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Faces of Fairytales

Kulturtage Thalwil 2021


The workshops for Faces of Fairytales took place over the weekend of the 4th and 5th September. You can view photos from the workshops in the recent posts on our Facebook Page. Here you can also see photos of the papier mache process to make the sculptures in the Storycraft Studio, which featured in the Fairytale Garden. You can read more about the project below. If you missed the workshops then do check out our workshops and classes at Storycraft. We make all sorts of things using lots of fun materials including masks, puppets, other crafts and artwork. You can check out our parent and child classes or drop-off classes. We will also be having some one-off classes coming up soon this Autumn.

Faces of Fairytales was a joint project between Mady at Storycraft and local author Annahita de la Mare. The creative project explored representation of characters in fairytales. In the weeks before the workshops in the studio and then during the workshop weekend we worked with children and their families to think about fairytales and the characters in them. The children made some interesting artwork at the workshops, full face masks and clay faces which were inspired by fairytales, particularly the story of Little Red Riding Hood including some modern reinterpretations of this story. The project centred around the Fairytale Garden which was created in the garden behind the Ortsmuseum in Thalwil. 

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