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Storycraft sessions are themed arts and craft session for young children incorporating stories. Themed classes explore broad concepts in a creative way, often incorporating story-telling, art and music. The craft element offers an exciting introduction to discerning texture, colours and shapes. Little hands can explore using different media such as paint, pastels, collage and clay. In their creative projects children are encouraged to seek inspiration from the stories and draw on their imagination which also results in some interesting and unexpected creations! Storycraft will also introduce your child to some lovely books and fun songs and action rhymes to inspire young creative minds. 


Parent Participation

Sessions are 50-60 minutes and normally incorporate a story, 25-40 mins of craft, followed by singing. Parent participation classes are all about spending quality creative time with your child, teaching you both new skills and building creative confidence! 



Drop-off classes vary in length and format depending on the focus, some include a short snack break. These classes give older children the confidence to experiment and express their own creative ideas. 



Although there is always a suggested activity relating to the theme, I believe that at this age there should be artistic freedom and children should feel free to create whatever they like with the materials provided. The emphasis is very much on exploration rather than achieving an 'end product', but normally there are great creations to take home as well! I also believe very much in recycling materials where appropriate through art and craft. Therefore as well as many 'new' bought materials, we also make great use of 'rubbish' - cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, leftover wrapping paper, bottle tops, odds and ends etc etc. I think this is important in demonstrating that art can be made out of and inspired by anything. I think parents and children gain a lot more by learning how to make great art and crafts with easily accessible materials that they can use at home. This has an extra benefit of keeping the cost of the classes down! ;-)  



Classes are in English, but everyone is welcome. These are classes for young children developing their language skills so there is no need for your child to speak English.




  • READING stories introduces children to the power of storytelling, improves reading and active listening skills, teaches a child about communication, introduces new concepts in a fun way, builds memory and vocabulary skills and gives children information about the world around them.

  • CRAFT activities develop a child’s creativity, encourage them to respond imaginatively to stories and themes, improve fine motor-skills, help develop concepts such as colour, size and relationships between objects, and allow them to see scientific processes like gluing and paint drying in action.

  • SINGING and ACTION RHYMES help to develop and encourage musicality, self-expression, build language, vocabulary and verbal participation, increase attention span, develop listening skills, teach order and sequence, help teach number concepts and also increase manual dexterity and muscular control.

  • STORYCRAFT sessions can help your child to engage socially with other children, build self-esteem, engage through a variety of learning styles, help a child learn to follow directions, gain positive emotional responses to learning and encourages self-expression.

  • And just as important TO HAVE FUN!
















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