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Please note the following:


- We will have children’s aprons, but we will be using some ‘proper’ art materials so these may stain, so please dress your children (and yourself) in appropriate clothes and you may want to bring a change of clothes. We also advise against bringing any expensive coats, handbags, shoes etc just in case they get stained. 



- We may use (relatively) ‘sharp’ things like children’s scissors and children’s knifes and have small craft pieces that could present a hazard.

- For the parent participation classes children are the responsibility of their parents at all times. Parents should only allow children to do activities and work with materials they are happy for their child to use and any concerns should be communicated to the teacher. The teacher accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur during the class.



- Younger siblings under 2 are welcome to attend but can not usually participate in the craft activity unless they have a fully paid place on the course. However there will be a few toys available and they are welcome to enjoy the story and singing and have a scribble.


-Sometimes older siblings or a friend may also want/need to attend. Please check first that there is enough space for them to do so. If the attendance is optional then the child will need to have a fully paid place, charged at the one-off session rate. If the attendance is not optional (e.g. an older sibling can not go to school as usual for some reason) and the child participates in the craft then a contribution of 10chf towards materials/prep is appreciated.



- You are asked on the booking form about use of photos. If you check the box we may use photos from the classes on my website and facebook site and for promotional purposes. If you change your mind and would prefer for your child not to be included in any photos just let us know.



- We reserve the right to change or substitute activities or texts for courses, and change the price for future courses. 

- There may occasionally be children outside the intended age group of the class, this is because we try to be flexible and accommodate where we can, e.g. friendship groups or siblings. All children work at their own pace in classes, however please discuss this with us if you have any concerns.

- Classes need a minimum number to run. Parent & child classes are usually 5 - 9 registered children. (Drop-off classes can be slightly more depending on the age range of the children.)



- FOR REGULAR TERM CLASSES If you are unable to make a class please let me know. Where space allows we will try to fit you into an additional Storycraft session on a different day or you can sometimes attend twice in one week. 

- FOR SHORT COURSES You should inform me as soon as possible if you find you are unable to attend. 


See Cancellation Policy on our Booking Page

Missed Classes & Credits
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