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The Memory Tree

Kulturtage Thalwil 17

10th & 21st June



‘Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled.’ Jean Paul


Come and join us for some exciting art in the park. 'The Memory Tree' will be a visual installation exploring the nature of childhood memories through stories and art. Workshops for 2-8 year olds and their families are being offered in seven different languages and include story-telling and art. These also allow an opportunity for families to interact with and add to the art installation. 


One of two beautiful picture books, 'The Paper Dolls' by Julia Donaldson or 'Ernest and Celestine' by Gabrielle Vincent, will lead the way into exploring ideas around childhood and childhood memory. We will use a wide variety of natural and vintage inspired materials such as ribbons, patterned fabrics, skeleton leaves and buttons, to create some cute and characterful paper dolls or toy peg dolls, as well as adding a little sparkle of course! There will also be other materials to play with to recreate your own parent and child memories including colourful chunky paint sticks and earth clays. You will be able to take all your artwork home if you wish or your little artist may like to add a few pieces to the memory web. These sessions promise to be very special and lots of fun for both adults and children to create some lasting memories of your own.       

WHO: Children aged 2-8 years with their families

WHERE: Platte Park, Thalwil



Saturday 10th June 10.00 - ENGLISH 'The Paper Dolls'

Saturday 10th June 11.30 - ENGLISH 'Ernest & Celestine'

Wednesday 21st June 10.30 - ENGLISH 'The Paper Dolls'

Wednesday 21st June 14.00 - ENGLISH 'Ernest & Celestine'


Saturday 10th June 11.30 - SWISS GERMAN 'Mimi und Brumm'

Saturday 10th June 13.30 - HIGH GERMAN 'Mimi und Brumm'

Wednesday 21st June 15.30 - HIGH GERMAN 'Mimi und Brumm'  


Saturday 10th June 10.00 - SPANISH - 'Los Munecos de Papel'

Saturday 10th June 10.00 - TURKISH - 'Kagit Bebekler'

Saturday 10th June 13.30 - FRENCH - 'Ernest & Celestine'

Wednesday 21st June 15.30 - ITALIAN 'Ernest e Celestine hanno perduto Simeone'

Wednesday 21st June 15.30 - ALBANIAN Ernest & Celestine

COST: We will ask for a donation of 20chf per family including all art materials. Please pay what you can afford. 

TO BOOK: You must book in advance using the short online booking form 


Lemady Rochard, Artist & Storycraft Leader, 076 294 8254,

Marissa Koenig Beatty, Kulturmama, 077 462 8241

Selina Jud

Lisa Hofmann

Michaela Rüegg

Deniz Ozgul

Magali Belt 

Julia Rodriguez Nieto 

Dita Delijaj 

A big thanks to Storycraft's little artists for contributing to the installation.  

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